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Who am I?

I am Oluwaseun Sunmola but everyone calls me Seun the Sage. I am an engineer turned growth specialist.

My focus is small businesses especially those in the eCommerce space to scale their businesses to the next level by growing their audiences for them.

In the past, I worked worked as a social media manager and grew the social media audiences of 33 different brands by a total of 69,659 new followers across all accounts, most of which are African brands but I’m currently expanding to accommodate other brands from across the globe.

Here is a link to all the brands I’ve work with in the past and the results of my work with them.

I really enjoy what I do because I get to support people that are already building extraordinary products by being the one to point the world in their direction. It’s kind of like I’m puring the kerosene on an already existing flame and I have the privilege to watch it blaze.


I also talk a lot about eCommerce and Business Growth on Twitter @seunthesage, feel free to shot me a DM!

Other Stuff

Apart from Social Media and eCommerce, I also love to talk about Finance and Economics. Here’s a video of I and my friend Marcus at the CFO Case Study Competition last year in Johannesburg, SA.