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How Does It Work?

  • Step One

    Sign up and choose the Reference accounts (profiles that have your target followers following them), one's you want to get your followers from.

  • Step Two

    We would interact and reach out to the followers of these Reference accounts

  • Step Three

    The followers will follow you back, if they like your content.

Every Follower is a Real Person
Every Follower Is Targeted
Your Account is Safe

Customers love Us

  • “I was blown away at the rate Seun was able to grow our company's social following on Instagram, he grew our account by over 2,000 followers in less than a month”
    — Bunmi Folashade, @novastylex
  • “The guys at Seun The Sage, are super awesome, in 3 months they were able to grow our page by over 10k followers and help us increase our revenue by over 30%”
    — Sam Davis, @redbeardgang

Monthly Pricing Plans

Businesses and Creatives

1,500 Followers/Month

Meant for Businesses and Organizations Small and Medium Sized Businesses Meant for Creatives (Makeup Artists, Photograhers, e.t.c)

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Questions you might have?

  • Do I pay every month?

    Yes, you pay N2999 every month to keep your page's growth going.

  • What makes this service unique?

    Unlike different other services that just get you random or fake followers, we help get you followers that are actually interested in what you are doing.

    For instance, if you own a cooking page, we help get you followers that care about cooking and are already watching cooking videos online.

  • Why is it not a one-time payment?

    We made it a monthly payment so that we can give businesses and creatives an option to grow their business regularly at a rate that is affordable, and wouldn't be too demanding to pay.

  • How many followers do I get per month?

    1,500 followers minimum. But we usually deliver more than that on an average.

  • How do I pay?

    You can either pay through bank transfer or through AmplifyPay (a payment gateway)

  • Can I cancel my subscription?

    You can cancel your subscription anytime, just email us or send us a message on whatsapp.

  • Do you still have questions?

    You can always talk to me on whatsapp at +2349064916346, I'll be glad to respond to your questions.


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