Christmas is here! It’s a season of celebration; the bells are ring, our Christmas decorations are up, we’ve opened our bags of rice and we are ready prepare our jollof rice and chicken. But amidst all the festivities, we business owners must not get lost in the all the jollying and find a way to capitalize on this once in a year opportunity.

Christmas in Naija

An average of about 680.4 billion U.S. dollars in America alone, during the holiday season. On a general note people often spend more during this Christmas season, buying gifts for their friends and family.
So the question then is:

How can you capitalize on this Christmas period?

I’m writing this article has a direct answer to the question, with a focus on digital marketing. This perhaps going to be one of the most practical articles you have read.
This article is divided into 2 parts:
1. Strategy
2. Implementation

And because no two businesses are the same, and the strategies that a graphic designer uses to make more sales, will be very widely different for the strategies a car dealer uses. I have decided to further divide those two categories to address this issue:
1. High-trust businesses– The risks are more for the customer, beacause the products are more expensive. The customer has to really trust you before he or she can patronize the business.
2. Low-trust businesses– The risks are less for the customer, beacause the products are cheaper. The customer doesn’t really have to trust you before he or she can patronize the business.


In this section, I will generally be talking about thinking patterns, ideas and concepts.
In my perspective, you need to be much wiser than your competitors this season, than ever before. What most of them are thinking about is how can I make more money during this season. But what you need to be thinking about is:

How do I get more customers this season, so that after the season over I can make more money all year round?

Would you rather have a temporary spike in sales, or all year sales growth?

Omo you gas be sharp.

High-trust Businesses

These type of businesses require a lot of trust from the customers end. Examples are car dealers, real estate brokers, large electronic dealers, people that are selling goods and services that cost a lot.
The truth of the matter is that if your approach is to make as much money this christmas by making sales from new customers, you probably wouldn’t because these people don’t know you from anywhere and do they expect that you will deliver (with the exception of referrals).

Recommendations for high-risk businesses:

1. Use this period to get gather a lot of perspective customers that are most likely going to buy your services through the course of 2018. When you get those leads, you can work on building a relationship with them, and proving to them that you can deliver to them during the course of 2018. So that, by the time they are ready to buy a home, or a car, you are the first person they would run to.

When you add so much value into people’s lives, you guilt them into giving back to you when you askGary Vee

2. The next step you should take would be to strengthening your bond with your previous clients or customers, how? By Wishing them a Merry Christmas! That’s how. Just show them you appreciate their patronage. This is effective to get them to like you more, so that when any of their friends ever needs your services, you are the first person that they will call.

Another thing to note is that you are not the only person that would be telling them Merry Christmas, so you’ve got to find a way to different way to tell them, so that you are the most memorable out of the pack. It doesn’t have to cost a lot, the only thing it could cost you is to innovative.

It weird but in a good way.

Low-trust Businesses

These type of businesses don’t require a lot of trust from the customers end. Examples are make-up artists, photographers, fashion retailers, food canteens, bakers, businesses that are selling goods and services that don’t cost a lot, and new customers can easily try them out.

I believe that has a low-trust business your goal this Christmas: should be to get as many people as you can to try out your product, since people don’t have to pay a lot to try out your product. So hopefully your product is much better than others, so when people have a feel of your product they get hooked, and would crave for more through out the whole year.

And you’ve also got to wish all your past customers love, by wishing them merry christmas, and just generally showing them that you care.


Here we’ll talk about how exactly can we bring the strategies we just discussed to life, with practical steps and real life scenerios.

High-trust Businesses

To really explain how we can implement this, I’ll be taking on a business persona.
Imagine, I was the owner of a Real Estate company, called Sage Estates. And I had a couple of homes in Badagary, Ibadan, Lekki and some other places in my portfolio.

Part 1

The first thing, I would do, would be to craft a merry christmas message for all my past customers. Remember, how I explained that you’ve got to be different if you want to be noticed in the age that we live in now. So instead of the typical bulk SMS message most businesses would send to their past customers, I would send each bulk SMS singularly, personalizing the message with the names of the customers.
Here is what I am talking about,

Yes, obviosly this would cost you more time, energy and money. But it is makes more sense and makes your customers feel more special and loved. You need them to feel this way, so that you could make far more money, when they refer you their friends looking to buy a home.

Part 2

Next thing I would need to do is to find a way to get fresh leads i.e. people that would be interested in buying property in the coming year of 2018.

The best marketing channel i would recommend would be the Google Advertising Network, because am not sure whether Facebook as enough targeting options to find people that are actively looking to buy property.
But before we even start setting up our advert we would need to have something to offer the leads in return for their contact details.

Perhaps an e-book title: “5 things you need to take into account when buying property in Nigeria.”
Then you could create a landing page, asking people for their name, phone number and email, in exchange for the book.

If you don’t know how to build a landing page, or cannot afford to pay someone to do this for you, you could just use TypeForm , to gather the lead details.
After you have all that setup, it time to create the ad itself, on the Google Advertising Network.

There are about 6-7 channels in the network but I would decide that we only stick to two:
1. The Search Network
2. YouTube

But to advertising on YouTube you have to make an interesting promotional video for your business, which would add to your advertising budget, but might pay off.
Both channels utilize the use of keywords to target your potential customers. So in my case if someone looking for a home to buy in Lagos searches: “Homes in Lekki”, my ad will be part of the search results that comes out on top of Google, if that was one of the keywords I decided to tag.
I do not intent to go into details about crafting Google Ads, you can do so here

After you have successfully run the ad, you need a way to manage and build a relationship with the leads during the course of 2018, in which case you could use a Customer Relationship Manager platform (e.g SalesForce, Zoho, Hubspot) , connect through an Email Newsletter or use a Whatsapp Newsletter.

Low-trust Businesses

Again to really make the implementation process much more practical, let’s imagine I was owned a Makeup Studio called Sage Makeup, located in Victoria Island (omo, I claim it o).

Part 1

The first thing I would do would be to acknowledge the patronage of my previous customers from last year, by sending a bulk sms to them and sharing a well designed poster on my social media platforms thanking them.
Unlike the high-trust businesses you don’t need to sit down and customize every message going out because your products don’t require a high level of trust to get patronage, anybody can just randomly try out your product. But it’s still always good to come up with a creatice message to send to your past customers.

Part 2

Next thing we do would be to find a way to get has many people as possible to try out your product. Has i have discussed previously in the strategy section. I’d suggest for the sake of the Christmas period, you should sell your products or services at cost price, so more people can try it out and find out it’s much better than your competitions own, and become your long-term customers, even after you increase your prices back to normal in 2018.
In the case of my Makeup business, I decided to run A Free Makeup Event on the 23rd of December at an events centre in Lagos. I would require that the participants, register before and so that I would know how many people to be expecting on that day.

So on the day of the event, I would require the participants to fill a short tgable before entering, where I would ask them for their names, phone numbers, emails and birthday dates.

In the age that we live in now, people tend to organize photoshoots to celebrate their birthdays, so the reason why we would be collecting their birthday dates is so that a few days we would be able to reach them and ask them whether they would like us to do the makeup for their birthday celebration.

So imagine about 100 participants come for the makeup event, I would have a 100 potential customers to run paid makeup sessions for during the course of 2018, wise right.

And finally at the end of the event, I would require everyone take a selfie all at once with their make up on, and post it on their Instagram Stories, ask them to tag @sagemakeupstudios, in the photography.
If each of the 100 participants as 150 daily story views on Instagram, that is a potential reach of over 15,000 not to mention the free exposure you will get when some pictures hit the explore section.

And to get publicity for the event you could, take advantage of the couple of channels:
1. Influencers
2. Facebook Ads

Each I have written extensively on in my previous articles.


Everything I have just talked about in this article serve as a basis for your innovation, though they might not directly address your type of business, but the concepts could help you come up with ideas that suit your type of business.

If you need help coming up with ideas to directly suit you kind of business, you can always hit me up on whatsapp, or you could just drop a comment below I’ll be sure to get back to you. And if you are looking for a way to grow your Instagram or Twitter audiences easier and faster, I’ve got a treat for you.

Thank you for taking out time to read this article, please share with someone that you think needs to read it.