How’s the month of love been for you, hope you didn’t spend Valentine’s day working all day like I did (come to think about it, I really have to go out more).

There is something that we business owners always forget about Social Media and it’s that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all other social media platforms are BUSINESSES too, and they’re first and primary goal is the same as any other:

“To turn over a profit.”

But the problem is that we usually see it has a great channel that we can leverage on and get FREE awareness and customers but the truth is that the game as changed.

“Over the last 6 years engagement the average organic reach as dropped from 16% to 2% rate

This means that even if you have a Facebook page of over 10,000 fans, whenever I post anything I should only be expecting just 500 people to see it 😔.

But don’t be mistaken this is still all part of Facebook’s monetization strategy to more business to boost their posts.

So now we’ve established that Facebook is out for your wallet. What’s should you do?

Show them the Money!

Yes you heard me right. Because Social Ads are actually very profitable, if you know how to use them properly. And don’t worry, am here to show you how.

Facebook be taking our money like

What Are You Trying to Achieve?

That’s the first question you need to answer before we move on, are you trying to raise awareness about your new collection or are you trying to get pre-orders on your product. When you have figured that out you can move on.

What’s the best platform to advertise on?

Each social media platform has its own specialized advantage.


Well Twitter can be very powerful in starting a movement or imprinting a perception about what your business stands for amongst your target audience.


YouTube is an high buy intent platform, this means that usually when people come to the site they know exactly what they are looking for. So the site is best used when you want to push a product that’s a bit more technical and needs a little more explanation. It’s also really good for awareness.


This is basically the mother of all social networks. And almost all form of advertising can succeed on the platform.


Instagram is a very visual platform and it’s best for promoting lifestyle, fashion and fitness products.

Disclaimer: There aren’t strict rules as to what ad campaign formats could succeed on each platform but this is my opinion on what works best on each platform.

How Should A Great Social Media Ad Look?

1. The Ad must strike a cord

The most important point to note when creating your social media ad content is that:
It must blend in with the user’s feed.
What this means is that, your advert shouldn’t be dull and boring. But should strike an emotional cord in the user. Whether they smile, better still laugh or the ad makes them feel angry about something. You’ve just got to make sure the ad strikes your emotions you are targeting so that the viewers takes action.

Virgin TV knows that ads don’t always have to be boring.
Even Gucci is striking those cords right.

2. A Clear Call to action

Depending on the goal of the campaign you are running there should be a very clear call to action of what you want your viewers to do after they see the advert. Do you want them to follow you, or you want them to go to your website to buy the product, LET THEM KNOW!

An example of a clear call-to-action

3. Leverage on Trends

This is something I personally love. When you are creating your advert you could leverage on what is already trending in the society and create content in that direction. Because think about it people are already talking about it, why not take advantage of the free publicity.

Real-life Scenario

As of the publication of this article there have been multiple reports of animals stealing money from our government agencies.

If you want to lie why not think first, der is God o!
Gosh, the kind of animals we have in this country tho

Imagine, I was running an ad campaign for a bank. And I wanted to leverage on this technique.

Sage Banking services is a go!

And the good part is that you can apply this technique all year-round because at any giving moment something will be always be trending just check out Twitter or Trendsmap, to find out what’s trending globally and nationally.
Just be careful not to bend your brand identity to conform to the trend.

Now that you know what a good social ad should look like, what next?

Selecting the right audience for your ad

So you’ve created the perfect ad but you’ve got to know who to show it to, if you want to get the best results. To do this most social media networks give you the option to select who exactly you want to target.

Targeting with Facebook ads

Real-life Scenario

Imagine am running a campaign for a kids fashion store, that can only ship to the Lagos and Abuja. To target this audience all I have to do is tell Facebook to only show my advert to the people that fall under the following categories:

  • Women
  • Ages: 25-40
  • Location: Lagos and Abuja
  • Demographics: People that have kids between the ages 2-13

If you need a little more insight about how to target audiences on Facebook, I wrote a very extensive guide here.


You might be asking what exactly are Lookalike Audiences?
A Lookalike Audience is a way to reach new people who are very likely to be interested in your business because they are most similar to your present customers.

So what Facebook does is that they use the data you give them about your present customers, data like their phone numbers or emails, and they look help you find people that are most similar those people that have already bought from you. It’s like Facebook clones your present customers to get you more customers, it’s really fantastic.

If you need a deep read on Lookalike Audiences, check this out.

Track and Optimize

So you’ve done all that you need to do and your advert is running, it’s not a time to rest just yet, you need to keep tracking your ad daily. Look at which audience group is delivering the most clicks at the lowest CPC (Cost Per Click), then increase your bid for that audience group and lower you bid for the ones with a much higher CPC.

And is always very important you know your numbers, like CPA (Cost Per Acquisition): How much does it cost you to get a new customer? So that you’ll be able to track whether or not your ad failed or succeed.

If you want more info on this check out my Comprehensive Guide to Facebook Ads.


The best form of learning is practice

If you really want to make the most of Social Media ads, you’ve got to do more than just read guides and articles, get out there and practice.
If you there is anything that you need to say about running ads on any social media platform let’s talk in the comments section below.

Finally if you need advice running the ad campaign you can always reach me here.