Have always been a fan of Rihanna, songs like “Umbrella”, down to, “Wild Thoughts” have been back to back hits.

But about 2 years, she released a new line of beauty products, Fenty Beauty. She did something only a few people on this planet could ever dream of achieving. In less than a month, the brand has amassed a following of over a million. (It’s still got me rattled).

How the heck does a brand go from 0 to a million in a month, it just doesn’t make any sense. But cutting through all the noise the media makes, it is important to note that this is Fenty Beauty is not a brand that started a month ago, it’s over 13 years old. From the moment, 16-year-old Robyn Rihanna Fenty, opened her mouth to sing at a school concert.

Rihanna herself is the paramount reason why the brand has had such amazing success in such a short period of time. The reason why this beauty brand is going to outsell other beauty brands that have been in the games for years is that Rihanna has built an incredible following of people who idolize her and everything she stands. The products might not be the best in the world, but because Rihanna is behind it, that’s all it needs.

The Audience is Everything

In the age that we live in more than ever. A business’ revenue is largely proportional to the influence they have on people groups. Money is not the end in itself, influence is. The more people that believe and stand behind in your cause the greater your brand’s influence in the world.

Last year alone, Snapchat lost over $515 million last year but is still worth $25 billion dollars, and could be worth over $50 Billion by 2020. Again, that makes zero sense. How can a company be losing so much money and still be worth so much?! They have the audience and they’ve got it strong. Investors know that as long as they can keep growing in their monthly user number, they will find a way to make money from them.

The reason why Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other massive companies, are so successful is that they are really just larger more complex versions of email newsletters. They have unimaginable amounts of user data, which they leverage to deliver adverts to the right audience.

The Audience is everything.

How do you build an audience?

I used to believe that the audience was far more important than the product you are offering. Because without having an audience that trusts you, there really isn’t any point in trying to sell anything in the first place. After a bit of thinking, I come to the conclusion that both equally as important (sort of). Not your product offering directly but the content you produce.

Take a stroll with me down memory lane, my uncle had just bought I and my little brother, these small little radio sets with earpieces, we feel on top of the world (until we broke it that is, long story). I scanned the radio stations for anything I deemed fit for my 13-year-old ears (anything but news).

I miss these awesome portable radios.
News to a 13-year-old

Then I finally found a station that was playing music, there was a nice jam that was playing, that got my body moving unconditionally to the beat, and I didn’t even know when I started humming the song. Yh, you guessed it: it was “Umbrella”. And at the end of the track the OAP, was like: “Awesome track, by RIHANNA.” And that name registered in my subconscious.

That was how I contacted the ‘Riri virus’, whenever she dropped a new track, I was always searching for a means to listen; whether it was on the TV, radio, or a friend from school.

The Audience Cycle

If you keep producing quality content to for your followers, consistently. Unconsciously, they’ll become believers, and when they become believers: they buy anything you’ve got to sell.

Continually giving your audience a teaspoon of sugar is how you get them hooked on the packet.Seun the Sage

Your focus should be building trust. It’s all about the long game, brilliant brands understand that.

Many times we focus on trying to get immediate returns on our investments, that’s fundamental human nature: Instant Gratification. So we forget the primary fuel for any sale: TRUST. We need to understand that it is not every one of your followers, that would need your services at every given point in time. So you need to develop trust, once they believe in you and what you stand for, when they have that particular problem you are trying to solve, it’s you they run to first, no one else.

In Conclusion

Riri as said it all

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